bellas artes

educational outreach program offering in-depth cultural arts education to residents of Chapel CourtDahlia Court and Casas de Las Flores, Carpinteria CA

co-sponsored by Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center and Peoples’ Self-Help Housing

Principal Instructor: Xochitl Moctezuma
Art Consultants:  Livia Zirkel, C. Kathleen Lord & Al Clark

bellas artes

The primary goal of the bellas artes program is to promote self esteem and maintain cultural heritage by combining education in the rich tradition of Latin American arts with projects specific to the present North American cultural and physical realities of the participants.

bellas artes began in August 2004

Conceived by C. Kathleen Lord & Zoe Iverson the bellas artes program began in 2004.

As Art Consultants Livia Zirkel, Al Clark & C. Kathleen Lord have coordinated the program from 2006 to the present.  They develop the yearly curriculum in collaboration with the Principal Instructor, Instructors and resident participants.

Other goals include:

To provide a consistent, positive, safe and exciting learning experience for the entire family.

To offer projects with enough potential variation to accommodate all ages and to spark the creative impulses of each individual.

To offer both craft and fine arts education.

To develop an understanding of “the arts” as a professional career and/or way of life.

To encourage critical thinking skills through the ability to self evaluate and resolve one’s creation.

bellas artes

After School Workshops are held monthly, September through July.

All Ages are welcome. All materials are provided.

Each workshop is based on the study of a Latin American Artist, a particular Artistic Community, or a traditional indigenous art form.

Typically, each workshop is announced with the posting of a flier designed to spark interest in the upcoming activity.

Each workshop includes a brief historical or cultural reference lesson. Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center member volunteers, the Self-Help Tutoring Program Instructors & Managers join together to assist the participants with sign in sheets, old-t-shirt smocks, paints, brushes, glue, clay…what ever is on tap for the day.

Often, once we start working on our projects a great calm surrounds us as we focus in on our creations. Upon completion, the projects are photographed so the artists can take their work home to share with their families.

bellas artes del sol

our special summer camp program
All Ages are welcome. All materials are provided.
This program is held 4 consecuutive days & includes traditional food.

Each camp week features a theme incorporating Latin American Culture with projects adapted to Carpinteria.

In 2004 agosto bellas artes was held at the Camper Park and participants from Dahlia walked (3+ blocks) to participate. In 2005, two teams of volunteers worked simultaneously, one at Dahlia Court & the other at the Camper Park. The projects, materials, special guests, and meals were identical at each location. In the future, two teams at two locations will continue.

2004 included: “Make a Place” – furniture painting, “Check it Out” – sketchbooks & watercolor, and “Theatro”. 2005 featured: “Whacky Mystical Animals” – Oaxacan woodcarving, “Fabulous Feet & Fabrics” – indigenous dance with Juan Rios of LA County Music Center, & indigenous clothing (huipiles & sarapes), with fabric painting & sewing, and “Books & Pots” – Aztec sun imagry, scrap booking & the pottery of Juan Quesada, working with clay (pinch pots, fired & then painted).

Special presentations in 2005 included Cherisse, Eli & Diego Cordero sharing information about their Chumash dance culture & costume, Kathi Scarminach as Frida, and dance with Juan Rios, “Los Viejitos”.
2006 – agosto bellas artes – año de animales.
2007 – julio bellas artes – atl, einstein & tehuanatepec women.
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – see Archives

bellas artes

Special Events

All costs are covered by the bellas artes program through donations & grants.

Some months special guest artists & performers are invited to perform at Casas de Las Flores, Chapel Court and Dahlia Court.

In collaboration with USCB’s Arts & Lectures “Viva” program, bellas artes participants host musicians & dancers at Casas de Las Flores, Chapel Court and Dahlia Court. Performers share their art. As “hosts” residents prepare and share a traditional meal for all in attendance.

bellas artes

Art Instructor Mentor Program

This program offers paid internships for young artists who have participated in the program. are high school students or graduates, in college or with families of their own, have direct ties to the Latin American culture, and are bi-lingual. These young adults are mentored in all aspects of the program – development of curriculum, calendar, projects, posters, attendance, administration, fundraising and grant writing.


 bellas artes began in 2004. See Archives for info regarding “about us” 2004 through last year.