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Sponsors & Volunteers 2022

bellas artes

Offering in-depth cultural arts education to residents of Dahlia Court, Chapel Court & Casas de Las Flores, Carpinteria, California.
a nonprofit program co-sponsored by Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center & Peoples’ Self-Help Housing

Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center

Provides volunteer instructors, book-keeping services, insurance, grant writing (for supplies, materials & guest performer costs), publicity, and annual exhibition opportunities at their gallery. Many Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center members sponsor our program as volunteer instructors, materials and refreshment donors, and through special monetary donations to Bellas Artes.

Peoples' Self Help Housing

Provides the workshop sites, publicity and participant registration. Bellas Artes works closely with the PSHH managers, PSHH Learning Center teachers and residents. Residents donate their time preparing refreshments and lunches, and assisting with instruction, clean up, etc. Learning Center teachers provide links to special performers & events. PSHH managers make sure we all have what we need.

bellas artes

Program support includes: Orfaela Family Foundation (5 years), Towbes Foundation (10 years) and Yardi (6 years). Major donors include Martha Selfridge, Angels’ Network SB, Ora Ben-Barak, Zoe Iverson, and Ian & Felice Kravitz .
All ages are welcome. All materials are provided. All expenses gratis. These are founding principals of the bellas artes program. Thus “volunteerism” is an essential component. Volunteers are indeed important sponsors of the bellas artes program.

Volunteer Instructors

Whitney Abbott
Georgina Arriaga
Susan Billig
Al Clark
Betty Campero
Geri Campopiano
Cherisse Cordero
Eli Cordero
Diego Cordero
Pat Doyle
Anne Fraser
Louise Hansen
Duffy Hecht
Zoe Iverson
Gib Johnson
Carol Ledig
Kathleen Lord
Susan Misemer
Oliva Moctezuma
Jeanette Munoz
Gus Munoz
Catherine Overman
Guadelupe Ramirez
Karin Rodriquez
Amrita Salm
Kathi Scarminach
Shannon Sedivy
Toni Stuart
Betty Songer
Jaine Toth
Don Toth
Cynthia Woo
Livia Zirkel

Volunteer Art Consultants

Livia Zirkel
Kathleen Lord

Volunteer Steering Committee

Al Clark
Duffy Hecht
Kathleen Lord
Livia Zirkel

Volunteer Videographer

Duffy Hecht

Volunteer Web Design

Benjamin Haines

Supplies & Materials Donors

Whitney Abbott
Ann Borax
Karen Browdy
Marilynn Carlson
Jim Finch
Claudia Herczog
Zoe Iverson
Raymond Lane
Bill & Phyllis Laffin
Kathleen Lord
Syliva Louda
Ed McGowan
Susan Misemer
Jeanette & Gus Munoz
Yvonne Neuman
Cathy Oliverson
Ricardo Partida
Ginger Plum
Marty Selfridge
Thelma Schmidhauser
Susee Smith-Youngs
Betty Songer
Toni Stuart
Ellen Taylor
St. Josephs Thrift Shop
Cynthia Woo
Livia Zirkel

Refreshment Donors

Casas de Las Flores Residents
Chapel Court Residents
Geri & Gary Campopiano
Dahlia Court Residents
Delgados Restaurant
Dominos Pizza
Lord Clark Family
Iverson Johnson Family
Laffin Family
Ladera Mothers
Jeanette & Gus Munoz
Karin Rodriguez
Amrita Salm
Betty Songer
Taco Grande
Trader Joe’s


Bellas Artes
c/o Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center
PO Box 597
Carpinteria, CA 93014

Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center,
Tax Exempt Nonprofit
IRS tax ID #77-0578720